The Importance of Knowledge

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

By Dr Omer El-Hamdoon

Praise is to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, the Lord and King of the Day of Judgment. Best blessings and peace be upon the master of all messengers. And I bear witness that there is only one God. He is Allah and He is one and has none alike Him, and I witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.

Knowledge is of the essential pillars that the life of a nation stands upon. Without it, the system of life will not be straight, leading a nation towards corruption and deviating from the path that Allah, Exalted be He, has chosen for it.

It is unfortunate that some of us remain ignorant in even the simplest matters such as matters of purification, prayer, and zakah. Similarly, it is concerning to see individuals focusing on minor details while overlooking significant religious principles. An example is those who neglect understanding the broader laws of prayer but are meticulous about Halal meat.

This imbalance highlights a deficiency in our understanding of the Deen and points to a broader weakness in Islamic knowledge. As Muslims, our need for knowledge in our religion is as critical as our need for food, drink, or medicine.

Furthermore, we see Muslims dedicating themselves to secular education, which, while commendable with the right intention, often leads to neglecting essential religious education on Halal and Haram (lawful and unlawful), and the basics they ought to know. This neglect is perilous and warrants serious attention.

Allah the Almighty says, “Say: Are they equal those who have knowledge and those who don’t?”

He also states, “Allah will raise those who are believers and those who have knowledge ranks.”

Knowledge here specifically refers to religious knowledge. The Honoured Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “If Allah intends good for someone He educates him in his religion.”

He also noted, “Whosoever goes in a path seeking knowledge, Allah will ease his way to Paradise (Jannah).” and, “Acquiring knowing is compulsory on every Muslim.”

Additionally, he declared, “This world is cursed and cursed what is in it except the remembrance of Allah; and that associated with Him; and a scholar or a learned person.” and, “Whoever goes out in search of knowledge he is in the path of Allah until he returns.” and also, “Superiority of a scholar over a worshipper is like the superiority of the moon over the stars, and the scholars are the heirs of the Prophets; for the Prophets have not left money or wealth, but they have left knowledge and he whoever takes knowledge has taken a great fortune.”

Luqman (one of Allah’s pious slaves) said to his son: “My son, sit with scholars and take from them, because Allah revives the hearts with wisdom like he revives the eroded earth with water from the sky.

“My son, do not learn knowledge so that you show off to the scholars or to dispute with the foolish or so that you look wise in a gathering. And do not become indifferent with knowledge.

“O My son, choose the right councils to sit with such that if you see a group remembering Allah sit with them, because if you have knowledge it will be of use to you and if do not have any knowledge they will teach you. And may be Allah looks unto them with mercy and so that some of it will befall you. And if you see a group who are not remembering Allah do not sit with them, because if you have knowledge it is of no use to you, and if you do not have knowledge they will only increase you in ignorance.”

Therefore, if a nation condones ignorance among its people, it invites difficulties. Ignorance fosters falsehood, societal disorder, and educational decline.

The remedy is to deepen our knowledge of Allah through various means: engaging with scholars, reading, asking the learned, and consuming educational media.

“And say: O my Lord advance me in Knowledge!”

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    1. As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.
      Jazak Allah Khairan for your comment and feedback.

      Please do share the article so that everyone can benefit from it, In Sha Allah.

    1. As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.
      Jazak Allah Khairan for your comment and feedback.

      Please do share the article so that everyone can benefit from it, In Sha Allah.

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