About Us

Kingston Oak Tree Institute

The Kingston Oak Tree Institute (KOTI) is an independent educational institution.

It emanates from an Islamic base in religious, ideological and social reform. It is concerned with research, training and education for Muslims worldwide, but especially those living in the West to give them important concepts.

It works to provide educational courses and to put forward training to invigorate the Islamic thought and to guide the religious understanding in Islam. It’s main methodology is based on sound knowledge, adopting the middle path and constructive critique.

Our Vision & Mission


To raise the level of education and quality of knowledge amongst the Muslim community, through the delivery of quality and accessible education on Islam and related sciences.


Our mission is summarised in three words: training, educational, knowledge and development.
We have three directions:

  • Production of lslam-related material
  • Research into different areas which concern Muslims in the Modern World
  • Training by adopting the different modes and methods.

Our Aim

  • To provide easily accessible Islamic courses
  • To make learning enjoyable
  • Disseminate information about learning
  • Work with other institutes to provide easy access to knowledge
  • To explain Islam in a way that is relevant to Muslims in the modern World

More About KOTI

The KOTI aims to accompany Muslims in their spiritual development allowing them to understand the Deen with their mind and heart, so that it can benefit their soul in this life and in the hereafter.

It is well known that the upcoming generation of Muslims are facing challenges that are proper to them. Many struggle to find the relevance of the Islamic literature written by scholars who lived at a different time and in different parts of the world.

In fact, Islam has provided humanity with a set of principles to guide us all through our life journey. And indeed, Islam is about WHAT to do (or not to do) rather than how to do it. (as the how can vary based on the society and the context we’re living in).

Our Founder

The KOTI has been set up by Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, a Muslim Scholar who lives in the UK.

Since his early twenties, he has led several local and national Islamic organisations in the UK. Through his experience as a community leader and Imam, he could witness the beautiful achievements as well as the great potential of Western Muslims yet to be unleashed.

In his sermons, lectures and talks he often addresses and corrects the misunderstandings of the Deen that prevent Muslim people to overcome their barriers and optimise their potential.

Shaykh Omer El-Hamdoon strongly believes that Western Muslims should not choose between their Western identity and their Islamic beliefs. As Islam shows that there should not be any conflict between these two aspects of our identity. Rather, Islam shows us how to embrace and unify both of them.

His Education

Omer El-Hamdoon managed to study from famous scholars in the most important Islamic Schools in Europe.

  •        In 2003, he attained a licence in Islamic Sciences from the European Institute of Human Sciences
  •        He studied Shāfiʿī Fiqh with the Syrian Sheikh Abu Tamīm Raḥmah, a student of the famous Sheikh al-Ḥabbāl of Syria.
  •        He also studied Shāfiʿī Fiqh with the Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad al-Saʿdanī, a student of the famous Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Shahāwīal the reference for the Shāfiʿī School in Egypt.
  •        In 2009, he completed the memorisation of the Holy Quran; and he continues to partake in leading prayers in the Ramadan Prayers of Tarāwīḥ.
  •        In 2012 he was given a general ijaazah to narrate from the books of hadith by the great Mauritanian scholar of modern times: Sheikh Muhammad al-Ḥassan al-Shinqīṫī.
  •        In 2017, he finished a Masters in Islamic Sciences from the Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE). As a topic for his final dissertation, he addressed how the scope for reform in the practice of divorce, based on Islamic Law principles.
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