50 Ideas to Instil confidence in your children

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There are many aspects to parenting; and there are lots a parent can do for your child to improve their existence and their well-being. One such aspect is instilling self-confidence in your child.

Self-confidence will enable those who have it to get on with their lives, without having to have a holding hand; and it is an important part of the growth mindset.

In this list, you will find 50 ideas/modes of how to instil confidence in your child. Go ahead, give it a go and let me know!

  1. Praise your child in front of others.
  2. Don’t make him criticize himself.
  3. Ask him using the word (please)
  4. Treat him like a child and let him live his childhood.
  5. Help him make decisions by himself – taking into consideration the scenario.
  6. Teach him to swim.
  7. Make him the guest of honour at an event.
  8. Ask him for his opinion, and get his opinion on a matter.
  9. Create a corner for him in the house for his works and write his name on his achievements.
  10. Help him make friends. Children these days do not know how to choose their friends.
  11. Make him feel his importance and status and that he has God-given abilities.
  12. Teach him to pray with you and instil in him the principles of imān.
  13. Teach him the skills of expressing opinions and presenting, and how to speak and present what he has to people.
  14. Teach him how to read and follow instructions.
  15. Teach him how to set principles and duties for himself, follow them, and implement them.
  16. Teach him first aid skills.
  17. Answer all her questions.
  18. Keep your promises to him.
  19. Teach him simple cooking skills, such as how to boil an egg, toasting bread, etc.
  20. Teach him the power of blessing and the importance of supplication.
  21. Teach her how to work within her team.
  22. Encourage him to ask questions.
  23. Make her feel that she has a place among her friends.
  24. Disclose the reasons for any decision you make.
  25. Be with him on their first day of school.
  26. Tell her stories from your childhood, but try to not to boring.
  27. Have your child play the role of the teacher and you play the role of the student.
  28. Teach your child how to be found when lost.
  29. Teach him how to refuse and say so, in a polite manner.
  30. Teach her how to give and share.
  31. Give him enough money to use when needed.
  32. Encourage her to memorize and study.
  33. Teach him how to defend himself and others.
  34. Explain to him the doubts he is asking about himself.
  35. Do not use threatening behaviour to her.
  36. Give him advance warning of any admonishment.
  37. Teach him how to face failure.
  38. Teach her how to invest her money, wisely
  39. Try something new for him and for you at the same time, knowing the results in advance.
  40. Teach her how to fix and organise her things.
  41. Share his dreams and ambitions and encourage him to wish.
  42. Teach her about the gender difference without using images.
  43. Teach him sound and decent values and principles.
  44. Teach her how to take responsibility for her actions.
  45. Praise his works and achievements and teach him to write them down.
  46. Teach her how to care for a pet.
  47. Apologise to him for any mistake on your part.
  48. Make a day full of surprises for her.
  49. Get used to reading the Quran every day.
  50. Tell him that you love him and hug him to your chest, as this instils self-confidence in him

Remember, confidence is not about becoming arrogant or dominating others. Rather, it is about becoming more self aware of the world around us and being able to deal with it.

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